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Earth Day Promoted Post:

+26,000 views, +700 Likes, 145 Shares (@ 4.22 pm pst)


29,424 views, 997 Likes, 138 Shares. NOT BAD!

For the price of just a few fancy cups of coffee... you could help change the world. Sounds... crazy? Consider this...

About $10 on Facebook (with the right target audience) can reach a fair number of people who will respond to a post... say folks who have 'liked' Greenpeace... or the Sierra Club, for example. That $10 can 'reach' about 1,000 people (who knows exactly what 'reach' actually means)... BUT... we can see a good trend of Likes, Shares and Comments...

So let's run with that $10 achieving 100 Likes (not much really, more is likely) and a dozen or so shares (both really depends on how good the message is). Those 100 people who liked will send a notification out (perhaps) to their friend network. Cool. Those Shares (way better!) for sure reach a lot more people. So far so good...

So that $10, or the lets say the price of an average meal going out to eat (if your lucky in some cities), was able to get (let's be optimistic) 10 out of 100 to donate $10 each.

Let's be a Debbie Downer and say just one single person out of 100 reached will join in with $10 of their own. Well... the 'Vision for Earth' message just 'reached' a thousand some people, and kept this message going...


NOW... check out the stats today!

You will see... it won't be long... before a few zeros... are added to these numbers.

// [Going to keep this, for the record, where I was at] Update: 8 PM April 21. Ben here. Some great results, so it would seem, from the ad push. Over 30K 'reached'. Over 1K liked. So... out of people who have liked a few 'green' orgs.. it took 1 out of 30 people to just like. Of the 990 Likes (41 who took that vast amount of extra time to wait until the Heart Button came up), maybe, 4, people, actually took that vast amount of time to, write, a few words. Their Vision. A few people. Out of thousands. Who supposedly saw, the message. I dunno... the targeting... with Facebook.. I might need to fine-tune things... obviously. Just buying a full page ad in the New York, or London Times... so much simplier. (hint hint)

So far... Not a single donor, has come forward.

Not one. Insert sad face.

Clearly... I have work to do. End note. //

/// Update: 4:31 PM April 22. THE FIRST DONOR AS ARRIVED!! Wow It's more than just the physical money (which goes straight to the Paypal account that feeds the Facebook ads)... it's the show of support. That someone... took that chance. Someone stepped foward.



...who wants to start a Revolution?

Yes, there is a LOT more to explain about what Vision for Earth is about. White paper coming soon. You want the nutshell? (Yes! I've read this far you're probably saying.) Vision for Earth at it's core function is to build a global platform where all... yes yes you got that already. How do we get there? Pretty easy, actually. Marketing. Public relations. Events. Advertising. Becoming our own media. Forming alliances. Building networks. Conferences. Tours. Knocking on people's doors. Maybe knocking down a few doors if it comes that. But really... what this planet needs, more than anything... is a good ad campaign. Don Draper is reporting to duty!

But you know what will make this more fun??

When the whole world joins in on this. Actually, that sounds like, way too much, for right now. How about we shoot for a few thousand people, who want to take a chance, and help launch Vision for Earth?

Wow. You've read this far! Most people seem to be good to read a mime, and that's about it. Insert sad face. Well... we'll make some dang mimes! Lots of 'em. And some global platform where everyone can ... oh, wait... that's running. Now it's time to start promoting it!!!! We'll keep working on... everything... there's a billion things to do. What can you do next?

Would it help if the donate button was right, here?

We'll see.

Questions on tax deductions can be found here.

Hope you don't mind doing some reading. Thank you. For a least reading this far.

That's Ben Mater. He's the guy writing this text. And the Facebook, Twitter, etc stuff. And the website. Imagine... if someone else... just one... other person... pitched in.. Could... double his work? It's always weird writing about yourself in third person.

He says "thank you. He's also a much better grapic designer than his handwriting shows.

Share your message, your image, your art.

Let's connect!

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