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Ben here: For just $5 -- the price of a fancy coffee drink -- you can help reach THOUSANDS of people using Facebook's (targeted) promotion system. It's pay to play... but we can play this game. Help pitch in, make some history in the very first marketing campaign before Earth Day. EVERY CENT YOU GIVE GOES STRAIGHT TOWARDS... Facebook. Um... that sounds bad. But... hey, it's what we have to do right now. Who's willing to take a chance? Try something new? We're just talking about five bucks. I'm gonna keep doing this anyways... but... with your help... just imagine. Thank you!

// Update: Running a new promoted post:

Thank you to Brian G. in New Mexico for the $50 donation!

PS: For every one who donates, takes this wild, crazy risk, there will be special mailing list that you'll be added to. Can't spill the beans on this... but let's just stay... Vision for Earth... will have some really cool people, events, parties in store. Really cool.

PSS: And for those bean counters out there, yes: there will be a full marketing report available in the coming days as the stats come in. So far: $20 received nearly 5K views (with some target audience selections) and 160 Likes, dozen or so Shares. Not bad. Not bad. Let's do more!!

PSSS: PayPal is what this thing is staringt with. We'll have another credit card system at some point soon, but if you don't have/want a Paypal account... just look for that tiny "Continue" link at the bottom left. Thanks.

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How would you like to see billboads, ads like this... all over the world?? THAT... is just one of the ideas... for Vision for Earth. What's yours?

Posted by Vision for Earth on Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What do you think??


Is my donation to Vision for Earth tax deductible?

You just had to ask. Your donations (at least at the moment) are not tax-deductible. But you don't need to send in much anyhow. We'll see about establishing ‘registered nonprofit’ status where needed, and much sooner (for tax deductions if you want), forming a ‘parent’ organizational partnerships. Baby steps here… However, as the full scope of what this work is really about crystallizes more each day… it’s becoming quite clear: Vision for Earth is not a nonprofit.

// Update: Perhaps a model like a Public Benefit Corporation?? That sounds... perfect! End update //

Imagine all the people… living for today.

Imagine a new way to look at how we can profit. What profit means. Can we profit from having clean water, fresh air? Can we profit from vibrant forests, healthy ecosystems… healthy rivers, oceans? Can we profit from healthy food? (Whole Foods is nodding yes.) But imagine… instead of profit, defined in financial measures, we value profit in terms of what it can provide as a benefit, instead? Can we benefit from air, water, water that isn’t toxic?

Imagine all the people… sharing all the world.

It’s going to be very, very difficult imagining no possessions. You cling to them… for survival. Because that’s what everyone else is doing. Because we are operating, separately, competitively. That rent bill is going up!! Why? It’s probably not because it costs all that much more to keep that apartment building standing, right. Everything is costing more because there’s more of us, demanding more. We’re at the mercy of supply, and demand. We are at the mercy of money. But the most fundamental, important aspects of this existence, can never be truly valued, priced in terms of money, costs. When you fill up your car (as sadly just about everyone does) with gasoline.. are you really paying the full cost for what that soon to be burnt oil becomes? Are you paying for the mountains of medical bills… from the bodies choking on the fumes? Cover costs of cancers, shorter lives? Does that buck something cover the costs of that oil spill (HAPPENING EVERY DAMN DAY!!)?? Are we paying for all the lost opportunities… burnt out of existence… when a radically changed climate reshuffles the human race? Exxon, BP et al… may look at their quarterly reports… and see profit. But all the money in the world (and geez…they have a good part of it) won’t buy — can’t buy — love. Love for that amazing feeling that comes… out of nowhere… almost like magic…from doing something good.

Think about the last time you helped someone… truly helped them. Maybe that time you stopped for a moment in your path… and picked up that piece of trash on the sidewalk, gutter. Felt kind of.. good, right? A cleaner, better, sidewalk! Where does that feeling… come from… when we do good things…

Maybe we can begin to imagine ‘profit’ in terms of how things make us feel, instead. It’s not the cost of a thing that matters… it’s what it costs to NOT do a thing. You buy a ticket to that concert, dance party because you know how awful it’s going to feel the text day, waking up (maybe more refreshed otherwise) knowing you missed out on the fun, friends. Better hide from Facebook. Now you gotta go treat yourself to movie… after seeing those party pics in your newsfeed. Next time: it costs more not to go. Maybe this is a good analogy… as right now, we are collectively passing on that party. It costs too much, to change our routine, pattern. You have a job to report to, right?? But the costs of missing out on the most amazing party of all… a party where everyone can join in… where everyone can celebrate, dance… have the freedom to imagine. A party where no one goes hungry. A party where everyone has not a job… but work. Soul, clenching, work. Work done not because we have to do it… but because we WANT to do it. So many decisions are made to create jobs — short, term, jobs — but are we creating real profit? Will the future generations benefit, profit from those mountains, forests, oceans wiped bare? How does the state of the world make you feel? Isn’t that what profit is supposed to be about… making us feel, good? It’s all backwards… the more we profit… the worse we feel.

Vision for Earth is not a nonprofit. This is about creating profit.

Imagine all the people… living life in peace. Peace… THAT is something you know we can profit from. Peace gives us the opportunity to do the work that calls us. Peace… gives us that opportunity to collaborate, create… time to let the imagination run wild.

We can profit from imagination. We can profit from art. Music. Dancing! Not in terms of ticket sales… but in how much better the world is when we have them. But imagine… how much better the world would be if EVERYONE could dance, sing along with you. How much better would the party could be… when all your friends were with you, instead of at home because they couldn't’t get a ticket, didn't’t get the invite. How much better could the world be… when we all begin to act… as one?

Vision for Earth is about creating profit. Endless profit. Profit for not just everyone alive today… but profit for the countless generations who will follow us. Every day is a chance to pile up that ‘feel good’ ledger. And cross of the weight of things we should, need to do.

Our real world balance sheet is out of balance. We are deep in the red. We are buying, consuming — what could be quite a lovely future — at discount. It’s a sale price on all the old growth forests — they all must go! There’s a sale price on acid rain today! We’re making burning coal cheaper and cheaper… when we don’t pay for the exponentially growing costs of lost ecosystems… the costs of a changed climate. We are buying our future at discount. And nobody is profiting.

Vision for Earth is about creating profit. Profit from having clean rivers, oceans teaming with life. We can profit from having healthy bodies. We can profit from doing the work that calls us. We make all our decisions — ALL OF THEM — ultimately based on how much something costs. But when we base the value in terms of money… we truly will never profit. Because there is no price that can put on simply being able to HAVE a future. A future with dependable food supplies, stable climate, economies. At our current rate.. we won’t have a future… anything like we have now. And that feels… bad. You can make up for it, go see some really bad superhero movie…but this is a party you are missing… each, and every, day.

Vision for Earth is about creating profit. A profitable, world changing party. That everyone can click on the Interested button. Everyone can click Going. A party where everyone is invited. This is going to be a great, soul inspiring party. Because all your friends are going to be there. Everyone wins. Now THAT… is some real profit.

Imagine all the world… living as one. Everyone working for profit… so that everyone else who follows in our path… for countless generations… can profit as well.

At the moment, you can’t make a tax-deductible donation to Vision for Earth. But you can help start creating profit. I hope you someday that you will join this effort… and we can create a world… that works as one.

...few weeks later...

Just wait until I get a chance to actually design this page. Some photos. I don't know if the world is ready for what I'm about to do. Everyone is so, damn, busy. Don't have time to read my Facebook posts... there's just so many other Facebook posts to get to! Shhessh. Well... I have a plan. I really do. And an early start on an 'intro' video for this thing. I can't wait. Almost have this site pretty well polished up. For a 'proof of concept' sorta thing. Yeah yeah: almost nothing on the Issues and Solutions page. Getting to it. But just wait, til that intro video is ready. Going to remix, visually, THIS. And have some really great songs to follow up with. Can't wait!

Alright, it's 2:13 a.m. Time for sleep. Tomorrow--I mean today--(April 13th) will have more to share. This is my job now. Thank the Gods my nonprofit client fired me some months ago. Now... this is all I have to do! Kinda cool. Stay... tuned. (why the heck are we still saying that?? nothing needs to be tuned anymore, shhesh.)


PS (again): Think I really have the template nailed down. Everyone on Earth is welcome to create their own page on this site. Just not all at once. I can't drink that much coffee in one sitting.

PSS: Dang it, now 2:30. But here's a comment thing. Seriously... this project... what happens next.. is up to you. Hate those ads? Let's here it.

PSSS: I am just addicted to PSSS'ing. But just wanted to say--before my eyes give out--this very page, is the same template that everyone can download, and build out for themselves. Think it's cool. For starters. Good nite!!!