France Becomes First Nation to Ban Plastic Dishes — An inspiring step on solving planet’s plastic waste crisis

The planet is in a plastic waste crisis. Rivers are “teeming with micro-plastics.” An area the size of Texas has become a swirling wasteland of debris in the Pacific Ocean that’s visually sickening, as well as physically for the animals who mistake the toxic plastic for food.

Small pieces of plastic are easily mistaken for food... and become toxic for the animal.
Small pieces of plastic are easily mistaken for food… and become toxic for the animal.

As a bold initiative to turn (and cleanup) the tide on overflowing plastic waste, France has become the first nation in the world to ban “throw-away” plastic foodware, such as plates, cups and forks in favor of items made from compostable materials.

This is an excellent step in the right direction that all nations should follow.

But citizens concerned about our planet shouldn’t wait around for government action. Efforts like #breakfreefromplastic are sparking a change across the globe, and just a few simple consumer choices can make a difference.

Vision for Earth had a chance this summer to see what efforts was doing in Santa Cruz, CA:

The Plastic Pollution Coalition is another inspiring effort to bring a vision of a world free from plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans and animals everywhere.

Everyone can make a difference, and rather easily too. For starters:

Just don’t purchase single-use plastic. At first it can be daunting: plastic is everywhere! It’s default for most fast-food, and dominates the grocery store. But you can buy bulk, raw foods without creating any plastic waste. You’ll find this path leads to a much healthier diet too!

Get in the habit of keeping a re-usable cup and grocery bag with you. Many non-profits offer them on their online stores, and you’ll be helping promote their good work, while you do yours.  It’s all about starting  a habit… and a trend that others will follow.

Check out the Coaltion’s Guide for Plastic-Free Living for more easy-to-do tips.

Vision for Earth will be developing a series of public campaigns to help raise awareness  and inspire action on this and many other important issues. If you haven’t yet, please follow our efforts on social media and sign-up to receive our email newsletter. Thank you!